Terms & Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF Pharmacygloberx.com

The terms and conditions mentioned are legally considered by all customers and clients using the website Pharmacygloberx.com. All are terms ans conditions of this website are very significant and are to be followed by everyone who are making any purchase in this website. It is important for every customer and client to read all the terms and condition before you place any order on this website.

Before you place the order, you should tick the check box stating that you have read all the terms and conditions and you agree to them.

--Identity of the customer

Identity of the customer is very important when you are buying medicines to treat this kind of health issues. As no client or customer is going to meet someone personally and place the order, it is important to provide your identity before you place the order to make sure that you are above the age of 18 years. You should provide genuine information only. The medicine will not be delivered if you are providing a card detail which has different address from the billing address and delivery address. Make sure all the details are matching and only then the medicine is dispatched.

--Proper personal information

You should take complete responsibility of providing the right information. If wrong information is provided, the medicine may be delivered to a wrong address or may be cancelled if the information does not match and Pharmacygloberx.com does not take the responsibility of this information.

--Right email address

It is completely the customer’s responsibility to provide the right email address for communication regarding the dispatch of the ordered medicine. You should check the spam folder to make sure that you confirm the order as the emails may receive the spam folder sometimes by mistake.

--Undelivered Orders

If the goods are send through courier or speed post,The goods get mis-placed or lost will be reshipped.The refund will be available if you still don’t get goods.You can contact our support team and can inform them.

--Incomplete and damaged orders

If the order placed by you is not delivered completely or if the ordered delivered is damaged then you can send a mail or visit our website Pharmacygloberx.com and contact us. We will check and the complaints raised by you and send the missing medicine without taking any extra charges from you.

--Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the products ordered from our website Pharmacygloberx.com then you should inform us and we will definitely return back your money but you must make sure that you have not used more than one tablet from the order placed by you, you should send back the medicine in 7 days from the date if receipt. Your money will be refunded back only after the receipt of the medicine by us.

Generic products.The goods can also be replaced with brand that can be seen on website to GENERIC