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Erectile dysfunction is a common health problem in men where they are not able to achieve erection thus ruining their love life. Men suffering from this disorder often lose self-confidence. The primary reason behind this disorder is the lifestyle that most people follow. Lack of a balanced diet, work and personal stress and various such factors leads to ED.

Those suffering from this problem can counter it by an effective drug- Penegra. It is a generic Viagra and contains the same drug- Sildenafil Citrate which has been found quite effective in treating erectile dysfunction. It is a less expensive version of Viagra and has the same effect.

The cause of erectile dysfunction is the improper flow of blood in the muscles of the male sex organ. The chemical in the body which is responsible for the dilation of the arteries in the male organ is degraded by some inhibitors and due to improper dilation of these arteries, the flow of the blood is not sufficient to sustain an erection for a long time. The drug also promotes the flow of blood in the soft muscles of the male organ and ensures firm erection and better physical satisfaction. The drug treats the problem of impotency irrespective of age and health condition of the man.


Erectile dysfunction is mainly caused by reduced flow of blood in the soft muscles of the male sex organ. Penegra treats the disorder by dilating the arteries of the male reproductive organ and rushing the blood into the sinusoids which are the small spaces in the male reproductive organ.

Once the organ gets hardened, the veins are constricted restricting the out-flow of the blood. The drug acts as an inhibitor of PDE-type 5 which degrades the chemical cGMP responsible for the flow of blood in the penis during intercourse. CGMP thus maintains the flow of blood in the organ and a prolonged erection is achieved. The stiffness in the veins and arteries stops the blood from flowing out of the penis.

Thus the medicine helps the men in achieving erection and hold the stiffness in the manhood for a long time.


  • It is recommended to take one pill approximately one hour prior to sexual intercourse.
  • Only a single tablet should be taken by you within the time duration of 24 hours.
  • The medicine comes in 25 mg, 50mg, and 100 mg.
  • It is advisable to start with 50 mg and is the suggested dosage for most of the patients.
  • The medicine does not stimulate the desire of physical intimacy on its own.
  • To overcome impotence, most doctors advise a dose of 100mg.
  • Older men should consult the doctor before taking Penegra.
  • Overdose of the drug will not produce more effect, instead will harm your health permanently.


Like any other drug, the use of Penagra expects the user to take certain precaution. Taking penagra without paying heed to the precaution may be harmful to the overall health of the body. If you discover complication in the body, you should immediately stop taking the medicine and consult your physician.

While consuming the medicine, meal containing fat must be avoided as it delays and dilutes the effect of the medicine. Loosing stiffness quickly has been noticed in some cases. Alcohol must not be consumed when taking this drug. Driving and operating machines should be avoided after taking the medicine as it can cause dizziness and drowsiness. Old people should consult the physician before taking the drug as a doctor is the best person to decide whether their health permits them to take the extra strain of intercourse after taking the pill.

Heart problems like angina, chest pains, history of heart attack, high or low blood pressure must be told to the doctor for correct recommendation. People suffering from Retinal pigmentosa, a rare eye disorder must exercise caution in taking the medicine for erectile dysfunction.

Any disorder related to kidney and liver, blood problems like sickle cell anaemia and allergy to sildenafil must also be conveyed to the doctor.


  • Use of Penegra causes less frequent and short-lived side effects, however, some side-effects may be more severe.
  • Headache, flushing of face (redness and warming of the face and upper part of the body), dyspepsia, nasal impairments, blurred or change in vision are some of the common side-effects.
  • Some rare side-effects that may occur are high blood pressure, increased heart-beat, etc.
  • Erection of more than 4 hours has also been reported in some cases.
  • You must contact the doctor if any such side-effects are experienced.


The drug is strictly for men and must not be used by children and women under any circumstances. The drug must be used when needed and the body must not get addicted to them. Any drug that contains nitrates must not be taken along with Penegra.

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