How can I place order?

When you want to place order on our website Pharmacygloberx.com, you should first register on our website and then select the medicine that you want buy and once the selection is done you need to make the payment.

How to track the status of the order placed?

After you place the order for medicine, you can keep track of the status. There will always be a dedicated team which will help all your esteemed customers to know about the status of their order and to help you know when you can receive your order.

How to cancel the placed order?

If you wish to cancel the order placed by you then you should contact our customer support which will help you in cancelling the order but you need to reach our team within 24 hours from the time of order placed. After 24 hours duration the orders will not be cancelled. You can send a mail or you can even give a call our customer support to cancel the order.


What are the methods of payment accepted?

We accept Visa credit cards and E-Check ( Only For USA )

Is there any hidden cost for the orders place at your online drug store Pharmacygloberx.com?

No there are no hidden on any medicine that is order from our online drug store. We provide complete transparency to all our customers at the time of payment transactions.


When is the medicine to me?

You will receive the delivery 18 Business working days For Credit Card Payment And 21 Business Working Days to the address given at the time of placing order. Sometimes it may vary depending on the option that you are selecting for delivery.

In case if I am not present at home then how?

In case you are not present at home when the medicine is being delivered then the medicine is left in the mailbox and if the parcel is too big to fit in the mail box then a note is left at your house asking you to collect the parcel from the nearest office at the earliest.


Is prescription mandatory for buying all the medicines?

There are certain medicines that require prescription and few which do not require a prescription. So if you are ordering a non prescription medicine then you don’t have to produce a prescription but if you are ordering a prescription then you will have to submit a prescription when you are placing order. You can contact your nearest doctor to get the prescription.


How can the quality be trusted?

We always sell the medicine that is 100 percent genuine and manufactured by genuine pharmaceutical companies. We take the guarantee of the quality of the products and you don’t have to worry about the side effects until you are following all precautions.

If you are having queries apart from those mentioned in the list then you can feel free to reach us at any point of time on our 24 hours customer and we will be pleased to help you.