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Caverta – The Right Drug For Erectile Dysfunction

Product Description about Caverta:

Caverta is a very effective and safe medicines used for inhibiting the PDE 5 enzyme and treating erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction popularly known as ED is the most embarrassing and irritating disorder in which either a men doesn’t get an erection or even if he gets that might not last for long. Because of this ED problem men face lot of troubles in love-making.  You can now have your love life like before and be confident in facing your partner on the bed. We sell the high quality medicine and this is one of the best sold medicines at this online drug store.

You need to talk to your doctor before you start taking this medicine for treating erectile dysfunction. If your friend has suggested you to take the medicine for better erection then you should consult the doctor before you use it as the same medicine and dosage cannot be used by everyone. Especially if you are already on some heavy medications, as it might take a toll on your health seriously. To avoid all this fuss, see your Doctor speak to him about this drug and only after his approval your order your dosage.

One more point to remember when you are using this medicine is that you will not be able to get erection just because you are taking this medicine. You can get erection only if you are having interest towards making love. Medicine and your interest towards making love can only help in getting erection that lasts for long thereby giving rise to a great love-section filled with intimacy and passion. So with medicine your interest to make love is vital, only take this drug when you really want to enjoy love-making with your partner.

Information about Working of Caverta Tablets:

The active ingredient is sildenafil citrate in Caverta and this ingredient helps in attaining harder and stronger erection that lasts for a long time. For a man to get erection the muscles need to be relaxed and the blood flow should be normal. But the PDE 5 enzyme stops the blood flow to the male organ and hence the muscles also get stiff.

This ingredient that is used in this medicine helps in improving the blood flow and also in relaxing the muscles in the body. When the muscles around the male organ relax then the blood flow to the male organ and it helps in enlarging the male organ. It is very easy to take this medicine you can take it with water and see the effect in no time.

This medicine starts working in just 20 minutes and the effect remains on the body for at least 4 to 6 hours. Take the medicine with confidence and you will see excellent effects of the medicine on your body. The erection is very much normal and lasts for a longer time usually 6 hours in some cases it might even last for longer period.

Normal Dose of Caverta 100:

  • The best person to advice you with the right dose of the medicine Caverta would be the doctor. You need to consult a health expert before you take this medicine to avoid any side-effect.
  • The most recommended and prescribed dose of this medicine is 100mg. Take just one pill of this medicine and it can show effect on your body for another 4 to 6 hours.
  • For the medicine to dissolve faster in the blood you need to take the medicine with water.
  • Do not consume alcohol or smoke if you are taking this medicine. That is one of the main reasons for erectile dysfunction. Smoking or drinking while taking this medicine will slow down the effect.
  • Do not change the dosage without consulting the doctor. If the medicine is not working as per the requirement then it can be informed to the doctor and he will tell you what can be done to get desired results.

Storage of Caverta:

How to store your Cavetra? Well if this question is daunting you follow the given steps to ensure safety.

Useful tips that will help you storing

  • Always store Caverta in a cool dry place away from moisture the ideal temperature required is 15-30 degrees
  • Avoid exposure to heat and light as this is not good for these type of medicines and might slow down the affect
  • Keep away from children it’s always good to place these medicines in cupboards

Precautions one should take for Caverta Online:

Here is the list of precautions to be taken when you are using Caverta and following these precautions will help in getting the best out of this medicine.

  • You can get the best out of the medicine only if you are using the medicine at least 20 minutes before the love making.
  • Take the medicine just once in twenty four hours time and the next dose of this medicine has to be taken only after 24 hours from the previous dose.
  • The doctor needs to know about your complete health information to suggest you the right medicine and also the right dose of this medicine.
  • Talk to doctor about all the treatments that you are undergoing, if you have undergone any surgeries discuss that.
  • If you are using any herbal supplements in order to avoid unwanted reactions of the medicines speak to your doctor.

Side effects you might face if you consume high dose of Caverta 100:

  • Caverta has few mild side effects but the side effects do not cause any dangerous effect on the body or are shown only for first few days.
  • You may experience problems like facial flushing, lower blood pressure, chest pain, muscles pains, irritating eyes, rashes on skin, head ache and vomiting. These are really mild and fade away faster in most of the cases.
  • If you are finding any abnormal health condition apart from those listed above then reason for the doctor help immediately and also stop taking the medicine immediately.

Warnings before consumption of Caverta Tablets:

  • Caverta should always be taken when you are not taking any other male enhancement medicine. Taking two different male enhancement drugs would increase your problem.
  • Keep the medicine away from men below 18 years, kids and women. Obliviously you don’t want to show others so keep in a safe place.
  • Women who are breast feeding and who are pregnant should not use this medicine. Also take step to prevent unwanted pregnancy and spread of STD’s. This medicine will not stop the spread of the virus.

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