Why eating carrot is really good for your health

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We all know that carrot is one of the healthiest foods to have. Most of us are also well acquainted with the general benefits of eating carrot like it helps in improving and preserving your eyesight. However, what most of us don’t know is the fact that carrots are much healthier than we think. They aren’t simply an addition to soups or salads. In fact they are good for your skin, teeth, eyes and overall health too. Some of the important benefits and reasons why you should include carrot in your daily diet list are as follows

eating carrots

  • Beta carotene

Carrots are full of this antioxidant beta carotene which gets converted into Vitamin A in the body which helps you get glowing and healthy skin.

  • Easy Digestion

Carrots increase the saliva content and provide essential enzymes, vitamins which help in easy digestion. Eating carrots on regular basis can help in preventing problems like gastric ulcers and other types of digestive disorders.

  • Boost the potassium level

Carrots are enriched with potassium which helps in maintaining sodium levels in your body which helps in controlling high blood pressure. Hence, people suffering from high blood pressure problems should have carrots on regular basis.

  • Heal your wounds

Yes carrots can help in healing your wounds and cuts. However, ensure that you have carrots raw without cooking or frying it.

  • Get healthy and whiter teeth

Carrots fight with the germs in mouth which cause tooth decay. The natural antioxidants present in the carrot help in killing the germs and keeping your teeth healthy.

  • Carotenoids

Carotenoids help in regulating the content of sugar in blood. Hence, having carrot on regular basis can help you keep away from diabetes and other sugar related problems.

  • Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients has more than one benefit to your body. However the most important benefit of phytonutrients is that it reduces the risk of getting colon cancer and helps in promoting colon health.

  • Fibers

Carrots contain high amount of soluble fiber which reduces the cholesterol level in your body. The cholesterol level is reduced in your body with the help of carrot by binding the LDL content and increasing the HDL content in the body. The HDL content is quite important for your body as it prevents blood cloth and heart diseases also.

  • The Alkaline elements

Carrots also have alkaline content in them which purifies the blood and maintains proper balance of acid in your body. Hence, carrots can make your blood pure and keep you away from all kinds of diseases.

  • Benefit to your hair, nails, eyes and much more

The various nutrients present in carrot helps in enhancing the health of nails, hair and eyes. These nutrients detoxify your system and helps in rebuilding new cells in your body. In fact doctors suggest including carrot in the diet right from an early age so that you can reap the best benefits from it.