Ways to increase your height

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Being of short stature depends considerably on heredity. If your parents or ancestors are short, it is natural that your height too would be quite less. However, this does not mean that you give up and make no efforts. There are several ways in which you can make up for the hereditary deficiency. Let’s check some of these techniques.


  1. Use lots of dairy products.

Milk and cheese improve the height of an individual to a great extent. Yogurt also has similar effects. This is mainly because these milk products contain lots of calcium, proteins and water soluble vitamin B and fat soluble vitamins A, D and E. Calcium makes the bones strong and it is easily absorbed through Vitamin D. It is advisable to drink minimum 2 glasses of milk every day.

  1. Include eggs in your diet.

Eggs are one of the richest sources of proteins. Protein is imperative for proper growth and development of living beings. They also supply the body with Vitamin B2, Vitamin D and Calcium. They enhance the strength of bones and improve the health too.

  1. Eat chicken.

Non vegetarian food invariably contains abundant protein content. If you have crossed eighteen and reached above 20 years of age, you can still increase your height by eating chicken. The amount of chicken that you should eat to increase height is 50 gram every day. This would help you in building a good deal of muscles.

  1. Soybean also increases the height.

If you use up to 55 grams of soybean regularly, you can have ample supply of nutrition in your body. Be it proteins, carbohydrates or folic acid, this coarse food has them all. Soybean helps in improving the mass and density of bones and tissues, thereby enhancing the height. Tofu is one of the most recommended derivatives of soybean.

  1. Add bananas to your diet.

Bananas are good in increasing height too besides leading to weight gain. They are good for bones, teeth and even hair. It contains minerals like potassium, calcium and manganese, thereby boosting up the overall health of an individual.

  1. Swimming can significantly increase your height.

Coming to exercises, swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises. They help in stretching every part of the body and hence lead to increase in the height.

  1. Stretch and jump and hang.

Jumping exercises lead to increased vascular supply in the bones and hence increase the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. You can even play sports such as basketball to increase height. You can even hang from a horizontal bar to elongate your cartilage.

  1. Practice some Yoga postures

Cat and Cow poses in which you stretch your head above or stretch your middle part of the body can help you in increasing height. Other than that, the downward facing dog pose also goes a long way in enhancing your height.


Parents should keep a track of their child’s development and timely incorporation of these ideas into the daily life can give you an impressive height without any complicated interventions or steroid medicines.

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