Tips to Follow For Overcoming Childbirth Fear

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It’s good to know that you are pregnant or planning to be. The to-be mothers are highly nervous Childbirth Fearabout their childbirth. With all the love and care for the nine whole months for that unborn child, is making her anxious and fearful about the childbirth. The common fear for any mother is, “I have heard that labor pain is compared to 100 bones breaking pain.” “What if I can’t tolerate it?” “How will I know it is the right time for childbirth? “ What if I have to undergo an emergency C-section?” These brain-wrecking innumerable questions make the already stressed mother more anxious. Being nervous is very common. So firstly just breathe a sigh of relief, you are not alone in this scary roller-coaster ride.

Here are few helpful tips to overcome the childbirth fear. Tackle it in right way.

  • The labor pain is scaring you? Try breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to ease your fear. You just have to invest few minutes in performing those soothing, calming effect. Think of your unborn child, it will have a positive effect on it too. Imagine that you have given birth to a healthy baby with normal delivery. Practice yoga-the most effective mediating technique. Pamper yourself with baths. A walk in midst of nature’s beauty is a great idea.
  • Spike up your knowledge regarding pregnancy, labour and childbirth. Join antenatal classes which teach you thoroughly how to manage your pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Your partner is the biggest support to a lovely pregnant female. Ask him to accompany you with hospital visits and antenatal classes. You two together can help to ease the anxiety. The bond of love will kick off the fear.
  • Buckle up your support system: Spend time with the most supportive individuals. Talk with them; tell them your worry and fear. Opening up your mind by mere talking is a therapy which will relieve your fear.
  • Pre-plan where you are going to go for delivery. Check out all the options of hospitals nearby your place to avoid hurry and worry.
  • A woman who has experienced a labor without any complain is the best source of inspiration. Try and have a talk with such mother. She is your greatest support system. Her words can encourage you to look forward to childbirth with happiness rather than fear.
  • If you suffer from or had history of depression, anxiety or nervous disorder, take assistance of a professional right away.
  • Do not indulge in reading negative experiences regarding childbirth. Read inspirational books or any light read that will take away your mind off the fear.
  • C-section is the biggest fear among the pregnant females. One has to undergo it in case of emergency. Remember to gain full knowledge regarding what a c-section is and why is it necessary. Save yourself from the last minute panic.

A wave of a magical wand cannot scare your fear away. But your initiative of being rational about your childbirth can overcome the fear.