The Best Meditation Techniques To Live A Healthy Life

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There are several methods to train our body to relax like yoga, exercise, dancing, gyming, etc. but there’s only one way to relax our minds, i.e. through meditation. Meditation helps inculcate a lot of strong emotions and health benefits by channelising the internal positive energy that often gets subsided in our busy life. Students perform meditation to concentrate on their studies, be patient and learn to respect others while the elders choose meditation to relax their nerves from the daily chores, conflicts and deadlines. It genuinely helps them to get back on track and focus at the job in hand.

Meditation Techniques

There are several techniques for meditation. The widely practiced and accepted technique is the “Concentration Meditation”. This usually involves the subject to concentrate on a particular thing like your breathing, a lighted candle or a particular object like the Maha Bodhi Tree was for Lord Buddha while sitting or standing at a position for a stipulated amount of time while blocking out your surroundings completely. This is advised to people with hypertension or type A personality where your brain just keeps worrying and thinking a lot. This induced tension can be put to ease when you look or concentrate on your object of meditation. In contrary to the former type is the “Mindfulness Meditation”. In this, the subject not just focuses on a particular item but tries to go through all the thoughts and emotions that flow into the mind at that particular moment. This form usually helps us to analyze, organised our thoughts that come into our head and helps us introspect. This type of medication is very helpful when we are going through an emotional crisis. It not just helps us to understand the present scenario but also helps us find the window of hope amidst the darkness.

In the world of meditation three things are very crucial that determines your personal technique of meditation- the position, the place and the time period. Generally, the Padmasana or “Lotus-position” is considered as the ideal position as it helps in better flow of blood through the body but this is not the mandatory position as many people find it hard to expertise this position. The whole point is to make our body relax through our mind. So, a variable positions are available like the “Hero position”, sitting cross-legged, sitting with your legs wide apart, standing, lying down straight or simply sitting on a chair. Some people prefer to sit on a normal meditation mat while others prefer a special meditation chair. Next, comes the place. You need a very quite and relaxing surrounding in the beginning in order to help concentrate. There are special meditation music, some prefer scented candles to fragrant flowers or lighted incense sticks that can instantly help them relax. Some people prefer doing it in special rooms or temples whereas some find Mother Nature more nurturing. Lastly, how long and most importantly when do we meditate? Generally, it takes time for the beginners to find their appropriate time of the day and period of meditation. They must start with a few minutes at sunrise or sunset and later prolong the time period according to their convenience. Therefore, depending on these three factors we need to personalize our “individual” technique of meditation in order to make us a more grounded, relaxed and positive person.