Tackle Migraine problem through following ways

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People who suffer from migraine know how it can render you incapable of work. A migraine attack is very painful and disturbing when it occurs. It seems very difficult to control the migraine pain as it is very different from things like a tension headache. Migraine is Migraineaccompanied by light to severe headache, nausea, sensitivity to light, etc. It is more common in women and can last for hours to even a day or two. It is usually felt at one side of your head. Once you get confirmed that you are having a migraine pain, here we discuss certain ways to tackle migraine problems and gain fast relief.

Preventing a migraine is the best way if you can identify the triggers. Certain foods or environmental factors trigger the condition and it is good if you avoid exposing yourself to those situations. Medicines such as Triptan help to reduce the pain but they should only be taken after consultation with a doctor. Pain killers cannot be taken frequently. You can instead take in Beta-blockers as they play a preventive role and helps to decrease the frequency or intensity of migraines. People who get very bad pain from migraines can consult their doctors for useful and safe medicines to be taken every time there is a migraine attack. Ergotamine is such a medicine that can be taken along with or without medicines like Ercaf or Migraine. Other known medicines for migraines include Naratriptan or Amerge(brand name), Zolmitriptan or Zomig( brand name), Fravatriptan or Frova(brand name) and Almotriptan or Axert( brand name).

Simple ways to reduce the pain include lying down in a dark and quiet room and avoiding exposing yourself to too much light and sound. Sound vibration from the music system or television can aggravate the condition. Stay away from gadgets and computers and lie down in a resting position. Dip a cloth in cold water and put it on your forehead. Massage your scalp putting pressure especially on the temples. It gives temporary relief. If exposing yourself to strong light, sunlight or loud music triggers such attacks, consciously avoid them as much as you can. Along with seeking medicinal help for your migraine, you should also try to maintain your lifestyle. Migraine can also be triggered by unhealthy living or food habits. Canned foods, alcoholic beverages, monosodium glutamate, missing meals, and fasting for a long time increases the chances of migraine attacks. You have to inculcate healthy eating habits in your routine. Take a heavy breakfast daily, rich in carbohydrates. Never skip your breakfast. Check the list of foods that may trigger migraine and avoid those in case you suffer from severe migraine. Especially avoid foods having Monosodium Glutamate and canned or preserved food items. Lessen your caffeine intake and cut down on alcohol and smoking too. Make sure you have enough sleep in a day and do not stay up late when you have work early morning. By following these little ways you can help to reduce the intensity or the frequency of those miserable migraine attacks.

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