A deadly Flu viral infection – H1N1(Swine Flu)

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We live in a world where infections and diseases are not a new thing. We get sick, consult a doctor, and consequently get well too. But recently, there have been deadly outbreaks of many viruses, which came from animals and claimed the lives of many people across the globe. One such deadly virus that has recently wreaked havoc is the H1N1 virus, also commonly known as the swine flu. This flu has been given the status of a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Swine flu is actually the flu that occurs in pigs and in birds. It chiefly spreads from the feces of a bird which then affects the pigs. Swine flu spreads among humans primarily from contact with the pigs in the poultry farm. However, the flu virus has rapidly changed its strains due to which it is nowadays also being spread from humans to humans just on the basis of contact. Proper measures should be taken as to avoid being deadly sick from this virus. The mortality rate of the H1N1 is about 6 % but the other strains of the virus have more serious consequences. Proper testing should thus be conducted if the symptoms of flu persist for a longer time period.

The symptoms of swine flu

Swine flu symptoms are difficult to categorize. The symptoms are just like any other flu with fever, sore throat, running nose, and coughing. The only thing that is slightly more noticeable in individuals suffering from swine flu is that the patients are slightly more nauseous and vomit more often than the normal flu patients. It is imperative to get tested so as to be sure if it is a general flu or the swine flu. In the case of different strains of swine flu, other than the H1N1 virus, it is imperative to seek medical help as fast as possible. Try not to cough or sneeze on other people as swine flu spreads through the cog droplets.


Medications for swine flu :

There are certain medications which have to be taken for the treatment of swine flu. These anti viral medications generally go by the name of zanamivir and oseltamivir. Some strains of the H1N1 virus are however resistant to oseltamivir. You can also take vaccinations in order to avoid swine flu altogether. The vaccination is the same as any other flu vaccination and teaches your body to fight against the deadly disease.

How to take proper precautions?

Proper precautions should be taken to avoid swine flu altogether. Swine flu does not spread through eating pork and so there is no necessity to avoid eating pork. However, wash your hands properly before eating food. Stay away from people who are sick. Do not cough or sneeze in the direction of other people and avoid being coughed on too. Take vaccinations regularly in order to avoid this deadly virus. The children, especially below 2 years of age, elderly people above the age of 65 years, pregnant women and sick people are particularly more at risk as compared to the other people and therefore proper care should be taken.