Smoking is dangerous for human’s health & wealth

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Smoking is dangerous for human’s health & wealthIn the present scenario people are not spending sufficient time on thinking about their health or doing something for their health even they spend plenty of time on smoking, drinking alcohol which is really not good for their fitness. It has been acknowledged that the numbers of smokers are increasing day by day; everywhere you can find a lot of fog in the environment. If you are not a smoker but you stay with any active smoker, you may never know you are also a smoker: a passive smoker, which is more dangerous than active smoking. Avoid being in an environment where you see even a single smoker. Smoking is very much dangerous for your health as well as other health.

How a smoker becomes a heartless fool

If you are a smoker, you should think about your health as well as your pocket. A chain smoker spends a lot of money on smoking every day. If you calculate it then you can find that the expense of smoking cigarettes for a day is equal to the expense of food for 2 days for a person. Smokers never think about it and spend their hard-earned money on this bullshit. The addiction of cigarettes makes you blind, that’s why you don’t look around the environment that how many people are not having enough money to arrange their one-time food and you are wasting the money that can help a man for 2 days survival. You should understand how a cigarette makes you heartless fool, who doesn’t have the sense to respect other’s feelings as well as the value of money.

Serious Health Problems due to smoking

Nowadays everyone have enough information and common knowledge about the harmful health effects of smoking. You may surely have an idea that smoking causes cancer, but you can never analyze that it also causes many more diseases and health problems. Smoking gives you heart diseases, liver problems, lung disease, bad digestion, poor stamina, impotency, early death, regular weakness, etc. There are many kinds of cancer, such as mouth cancer, liver cancer, blood cancer, stomach cancer, which can kill you very easily and a cigarette can help you to achieve these diseases effortlessly. Smoking can also make you impotent; it actually decreases the stamina of a man to establish erection during intercourse. It is not only harmful for a man even for a woman; especially it is very dangerous for a pregnant lady. It can also kill the reproductivity of a lady.

The human body is a big gift for us, people should be thankful to God for this unique gift and respect this human body which is really so special for us. Being a human you can do many good things in your life, but this smoking makes you incapable of doing anything big and extraordinary. A healthy person can do many big miracles in his/her life and live happy whole life. Quit smoking with a positive attitude and see how many more gifts and achievements you can get in your life. Quit smoking, be healthy and be successful.