Sex a Natural Gift

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Sex a Natural Gift Sex is the essence of life and without it you can never have a contented in life no matter what you do or where you live and whether you own the General Electric Corporation or sell Sheep Dip in China.  It seems something you can’t do without and has equal importance in life as much as food and water.  What seemed only entertainment with your girl friend when you were in school and college now seems one of vital necessities of life?  How then so many men suffering from this dreaded sexual disorder do called erectile dysfunction pull-on their life which actually is hell and also make a hell out of their wives and sweet heart’s.  No wonder she is always looking for that macho guy to bump into her and she could drag him in the bedroom to have a quickie before you drop in.  I fail to understand why should so many guys irrespective of their ages and how macho they appear do have to live with ED when there is help at hand and that too an effective which will not take your eye in return.  Yes!  You guessed it right, I am talking about Kamagra the wonder pill that will make you whack her for six hours with several sessions till she drops with exhaustion.  Its easily available on all online stores and doesn’t cost a fortune and the best part of this love making story is that the worst it will do to you is give you a mild headache which will vanish with  a cup of coffee.  But think of the good time you both are going to have in bed pounding and rocking and on top of the world.  Just one pill of 100 mgs is adequate and this is the maximum per day allowed for anyone, just in case you are a the kind of screwy guy who loves to experiment with new ways just like the porn movies where those guys with huge dicks refuse to leave that one dame alone for more than an hour and go for two pills of 100mg that’s going to be the end of your love life.  Because, overdosing with Kamagra 100mg is like your dick committing suicide because you are sure to end up in Priapism, a condition where your dick blows out to full size and refuses to come back to normal position even after several times pounding her valley down there.  After a couple of hours or more it becomes painful and after four hours it becomes crippled once forever and you can use it for pissing, only for pissing for rest of your life.  You don’t like to end up watching porn movies and do nothing for the rest of your life, Do you?  Then better listen to your doc and don’t try weird things here, this is not a race track and you aren’t driving a formula one Jaguar.

Your dick is not meant only for pissing and it’s got many more important tasks to do and many more sweet hearts to satisfy and if you find it passive, don’t just sit there like a dumb asshole watching porn hopping that it will wake up.  Pop in that Kamagra Tablet get the soldier ready for the battle and hit it hard while having her gasp for breath for the more than six hour.  I bet she’s never going to go back to her boy friend once she has seen you in bed.