Rising menace of Heart stroke

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Maximum deaths across the World occur due to heart diseases; 30 % of deaths in India are caused due to heat stroke. Eating out too often and still think that you are healthy, beware as your heart may betray you soon! Time and again it is said that a healthy mind is a sign of a healthy body but now is the time to say that a healthy heart is a key to your long life. Switch to a bowl of salad from a high-calorie burger or a large pack of French fries because these things may taste better but it can cut short your life and risk you to heart stroke. Emerging as a major cause of concern, heart diseases account for maximum deaths across the World says a Lancet study published in 2013.Heart StrokeWhile heart diseases are worrying the World, heart stroke in particular has emerged as one of the leading causes of fatalities.

Heart’s stroke, a reason to worry for  United States too!

Alarmingly, the United States too is at a very high risk as 30 % of the total deaths in US are caused due to heart stroke. Not just now, but the risk of heart strokes and attacks are likely to affect more Indians in the future. It is projected that hypertension in the US will inflate from 140 million in 2008 to nearly 215 million by 2030 with higher risk of premature heart attacks, strokes, and kidney diseases.

Fairer sex on higher risk of heart stroke

Experts describe that various hormonal changes and unique health conditions in women can lead them heart diseases. Many reasons like the role of estrogen post-pregnancy, use of birth control pills, menopause or Triglycerides can directly or indirectly put women at risk of cardiovascular diseases.

What is heart stroke?

A heart stroke occurs when an artery supplying blood to a part of the brain blocks or bursts. As a result, that part of the brain is damaged because it is deprived of its blood supply which normally carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain, allowing it to function.

Types of stroke

Strokes can be categorized into two types: one that is caused by blood clots (ischemic stroke) and second that is caused by bleeding (hemorrhagic stroke). Heart Stroke can strike anyone including babies and children. Babies and children are affected by pediatric stroke.

Warning signs of heart stroke

Be alarmed if you have sudden weakness or numbness of face or limb on one side, severe headache, difficulty talking or understanding speech, unexplained dizziness and sudden dimness/loss of vision, often in one eye.

Who are at risk of heart stroke?

Apart from this one should also be careful if they suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol or have a family history of stroke. Chances of heart stroke are also high if you smoke or consume excess alcohol.

How can one reduce chances of having heart stroke?

Heart stroke can be avoided with healthy lifestyle and balanced eating habits. A regular visit to your doctor or physician can also assess the chance of heart stroke.