Nutrient Rich foods can help you lose weight without feeling hungry

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Are you trying to lose weight from a long time but still haven’t been successful? Tried a lot of exercises and stuff but ever go on dieting? Well, you don’t need to. There is a myth that dieting helps you lose weight. Yes, it aids in the process of losing weight as you do not consume more fats, but the feeling of hunger kills you. And at the end of the day, you end up eating more than you could have on normal days. Thus, your purpose of weight loss goes for a toss. But do not worry, you can try some nutrient-rich foodstuff that can help you in losing weight without making you feel hungry. First things first, if you are eating to lose weight rather than gain it, you should include a lot of fiber-rich food in your eating regimen. Eating large amounts of fiber is good for your body if you are considering from a weight-loss point of view. The National Academy of Sciences Food & Nutritional Board advises consuming 20-30 grams of fiber per day for average adults. The biggest roadblock in your dieting program is the feeling of hunger that can be tackled by the intake of fiber. Fiber keeps you full and avoids the feelings of hunger for longer durations of time, thereby helping you with your purpose of weight loss. Not only fiber, but there are also many nutrients that help you with your weight loss. Probably, you might have heard, ‘eat for weight loss’ and here we are giving you three nutrient-rich foods that you could have for the said purpose:


Almond is the perfect OTG snack and helps you with sufficient dosage of nutrients throughout the day. You can keep them in your pockets and keep munching them at regular intervals. It not only provides you with constant flow of nutrition to your body, but during meals you eat less. This avoids you with gulping down a huge meal without a burp. If your frequency of eating is scattered over the day than one time bulk eating, you are more likely to lose weight faster. Nevertheless, almonds are known as ‘brain-booster’ as well. Who knows you might end up next Einstein by eating these almonds? Anyways, just kidding Yoghurt , Yoghurt in the early morning is beneficial as anything. Yoghurt contains high amounts of protein, that’s very good for the body. Greek yoghurt has its own set of benefits. People in Scandinavian countries eat lot of yoghurt, perhaps this is the secret they live longer and healthy lives. Yoghurt is protein-rich food that helps you with weight loss, skin problems, and hair fall problems as well.

Pop corn

Next time you crunch a pop-corn during movie, remember it’s not just loose snack, but very nutritious and healthy one. It is made of corns (maize) that are itself high sources of protein and fiber. After three packets of pop-corn, your appetite might be just filled and you’d no longer feel to eat the next meal. Pop corns satisfies your hunger, as well as aids you in losing weight. There are many more foods available that helps hunger to stay away while you eat them, but the above mentioned foodstuffs are easily available, most common, and very healthy as well.