Most common factors for causing allergy!!

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Allergy or allergic reaction is a very common thing. Most of the people who we meet, are allergic to something or the other. There are very few people who are not allergic to anything. The things that we are allergic to are known as the allergens. What happens is that there are some things which the body deems as an invader and over exposure to those things causes our body causing allergyto develop an immune reaction against it. So over exposure to that particular things leads to many unwanted reactions in our body such as rashes, hives, sneezing, running nose and so on and so forth. The condition is even worsened in the case of individuals who are hyper sensitive to the particular allergen. Some people may experience difficulty breathing or some obstruction in their respiratory tract which poses a great threat to life. So if you experience any sport of allergic reaction then it is imperative to consult a doctor so that he may identify the cause behind your allergy. Once the cause is determined it would do well to keep away from the allergen as much as possible so as to negate any chances of overexposure which may cause some serious health problems.

There are many common allergens which are known to cause allergy to most people. One of the most common forms of allergy is dust allergy which is caused by pollens in the air or dust mites or moulds. This sort of allergy is usually tough to deal with as it enters your body through the air when you breath and it is never possible to know what the air contains. So just take high levels of precautions to avoid these kinds of allergies and use a pollution guard if possible. Another cause of allergies are certain food items like shrimps, nuts and eggs. Somehow or the other your body’s immune system reckons this as a hazard and hence develops reactions against it like hives and rashes on the face, swollen lymph glands and trouble breathing. You can also develop allergic reaction through animal danders which are the skins or hairs of some animals. Once you determine that you are allergic to animal danders it would be better to stay away from the particular animal. There are many other causes behind allergic reactions too and you have to get diagnosed for one in order to identify the allergen.

The people who are highly sensitive to different particles are the ones who are most susceptible to allergies. Allergies are mostly the result of genetic disposition or else the result of over exposure to a certain kind of environment. Once you get the allergies it is better to get tested the doctor may conduct blood tests or the elimination tests in order to know the allergen which is causing the allergy. Normally a doctor may prescribe you histamines which are used normally to get rid of the allergic symptoms. For people who experience severe allergic reactions, you may need to carry an EpiPen in order to deal with emergency situations.