Light Therapy

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Light Therapy Proper Light can encourage Human Health

It has been already proved scientifically that excessive light is harmful for human health, even in many different magazines; you can easily find that too much light is dangerous for body health. The impact of light reflects on human health on biological clock. Now experts has found the solution that proper light is good for human health.

How improper light can affect human health

Human retinal tissue are generally specifically linked with ultra-optic region nucleus, that’s affect the particular secretion involving melatonin. Melatonin is a type of antioxidants which is identified as “blood cleaners”, and it is actually secreted just after you go to sleep. At the night, the light prevents the secretion of the antioxidant i.e. Melatonin and also eradicate the biological clock, it also increases the chance of breast cancer especially for the women who regularly work at the night. Remember that people who usually work at night should always take care of light; they can use light sensibly to just make a diurnal cycle to maintain the normal hormone secretion in the human body.

Vitamin D and Light:

There is a good relationship between light and vitamin D. As per the current survey it is found that nowadays there are many people who are having Vitamin D deficiency and it actually happen with the people who do not spend time under sunshine. Vitamin D deficiency is generally found in people who work indoor for longer time. People should know that the light therapy can actually decrease the risk of two major diseases colon cancer and prostate cancer.

Benefits of light:

Lighting can also be beneficial for patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. These kinds of patients regularly have very irregular schedule for working and taking rest. If they go for a proper light therapy, they can improve their daily routine and they can be regular on each and everything. The light is having many good things like the wavelength of light is also having impact on the treatment results. One more benefit of light therapy is found that it can cure season change syndrome, children jaundice, sleep disorders and psoriasis. And this therapy can also have potential to prevent some air-borne diseases and myopia. Experts are also working on the research of its effects on the proper treatment of heart disease and high blood pressure.

The light is playing an important role in our lives, but we don’t understand its harmful impacts, which can ruin our life. People should be aware about all the pros and cons of light and should believe in light therapy that can be very helpful for human body. There are many benefits of light but if you are taking use of appropriate light only. If you are lacking it then you may face any big health issues in future.