Lemons – A good Vitamin C ingredient for your Healthy Diet

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It is no secret that lemon has various health benefits, in fact, the benefits are so widely touted that it would be a miracle if someone didn’t know about it. However, there’s a reason why everyone is crying lemon whenever they talk about a healthy diet. One just has to take a look at one simple fact to understand why it’s appreciated so much. A single lemon contains about 51 percent of the total daily requirement of Vitamin C. LemonsAn ounce of lemon juice would contain about 23 percent of the same. That alone is a benefit in itself. Vitamin C is absolutely essential. It works to develop and maintain blood vessels, cartilage and scar tissues. It also helps in creating certain hormones like dopamine, tyrosine, peptide and ATP, etc. Most of all, vitamin c is a very powerful antioxidant so it is a favourite go-to ingredient to detox with.

There are many health benefits of lemons. The simplest of these is that it helps you maintain a healthy complexion. The antioxidant properties of lemon help purify the blood and when applied directly to the skin, it can lighten acne scars, reduce acne and wrinkle. It also helps form collagen that supports the health of your skin. Another benefit of lemons is that it helps improve the immune system. As stated earlier, vitamin c helps create and maintain blood vessels, etc. Those are vital for the immune system. Moreover, the antioxidant properties of lemon help combat germs and infections and therefore, generally assist the body in keeping you healthy. The presence of good levels of vitamin c also allows for the better absorption of other nutrients, such an iron. Iron deficiency can cause a lot of problems and anything that facilitates better absorption of iron is good for you. Adding a dash of lemon into foods with iron-heavy ingredients can increase how much iron you take from that particular food. Good, vitamin c heavy diet also leads to lower risk of asthma and similar inflammatory problems. Skin infections and other such problems can also be prevented with a daily dose of lemon in your food. But perhaps the most surprising benefit of lemons and vitamin c is that it fights the development of free radicals that can cause cancer.

The benefits of lemon are numerous and you can use it any way you want. Some warm lemon water with honey early in the morning can eliminate toxins from your body, reawaken the digestive system, reduce pain in joints, give the skin a bit of a healthy glow, helps maintain eye health, strengthens the liver and so on and so forth. All this with just a glass of warm lemon water in the morning. Adding just a dash of lemon to you salads and juices will not only intensify the flavour but also promote better intake of the natural nutrients present in those vegetables. As far as health benefits go, lemon is a super-food.