Importance of Fiber for Healthy Life

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Fiber is one of the most important nutrients of our body. In fact, the American FDA has suggested consuming at least 20-30grams per day for leading a healthy life. But we are probably not eating even half of it. The human body cannot digest fiber completely. Fiber helps to slow down our digestion process. Thus, eating fiber-rich foods help you avoid hunger for longer durations of time and ultimately helps in weight management. There are many health benefits of fiber. It is one of the most important building blocks of the human body. If fiber is consumed every day in adequate quantities, the human body stays hale and hearty for longer periods of time. Also, it helps to avoid chronic illnesses. There are two types of fiber: Soluble fiber & insoluble fiber. Soluble fibers help of the breakdown of the slowing down of carbohydrates. This is turn avoids absorption of sugar in the blood. The people suffering from diabetes should definitely consume fiber in good quantities because it is an excellent blood sugar regulator. It stabilizes sugar levels in the blood. Also, it was found that a high-fiber diet reduces the chances of heart attacks by 40 percent. Thus, if you are suffering from heart problems, including fiber-rich foods in your diet. The cardiologists say that every seven grams of extra fiber in the body per day helps you to avoid the possibility of stroke by 7 percent.

Importance-of-Fiber-for-Healthy-LifeFiber is one the important nutrients for people dealing with weight problems. The obesity issue due to excessive fats in the human body, that need to be toned down to shed down pounds. But dieting may sometimes cause weakness, which is not good for the body. Having fiber in sufficient quantities not only helps you remain full but fulfills your nutritional requirements as well. Fiber is known to have cleansing properties. There is an internal cleansing of our system, as fiber aids to get rid of body toxins and increases the immunity of the body. The fiber (psyllium husk) helps to eliminate fungus and bacteria from the body. This in turn helps your skin to glow, as it prevents acne breakouts and other skin infections.

Fiber helps to reduce a syndrome called polyps (a type of soreness) which is in the intestine by 40 percent. If fiber is present in the body in adequate quantities, the problem of diverticulitis stays at bay. It also helps you to avoid the risks of various types of hemorrhoids. Fiber helps with kidneys too. The gallstones and kidney stones are eliminated if there is a sufficient amount of fiber in the blood. Having said all, what are the best sources of fiber? It is common credence that whole grains contain a lot of fiber, but it’s contrary. The true fiber-rich foods are vegetables, seeds, nuts, and roots. Chia seeds, Almonds, Berries, Peas, Beans, Cauliflower, Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Psylliumseeds, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, even many fruits like banana, oranges, apples contain good amount of fiber.

Thus, include fiber-rich foods to your daily diet and lead a healthy life.