How to Identify People with Hidden Depression

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Do you feel a sort of inevitable distance between your partner and you? Is your roommate often missing his class and sleeping in late? Or does your sister tend to spend more time in hot tub, than enjoy a tub of KFC chicken wings with you? Well, if they are, then you never know if they are suffering through various stages of depression. Honestly, in today’s life with all the Depressionadvancement in communication and technology, life is assumed to have been simplified.But really is that so? I, for one think that there are perks of being part of this 21st century. A theory states some that professional success is often inversely proportional to personal happiness. Example- look at our celebrities, I mean literally LOOK AT THEM- they are always smiling away their successful lives but really when they go to their rooms- it’s lonely. The recent interview of the Bollywood diva, vouches for this masking act that most of her contemporaries put forth to the media but deep down they are just unhappy.

The obvious signs of depression are showing anger or crying out. On the contrary, the hidden signs of depression are more common and dangerous. Several Psychologists have said that they often the otherwise “Happy-go-Lucky” clients are actually very depressed. These guys are experts at faking. They believe that the world doesn’t need to know what exactly they are going through. They consider it more of a personal matter and almost never open up to anyone. They often choose death over treatment like suicides of many stars like Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jiah Khan, and the list goes on. Others choose addiction just to ease away the pain momentarily. This is difficult to hide when you are surrounded by others but the depressing part comes when you switch drinking alone or do narcotics, on a regular basis. Break-ups, exam pressures, deadlines, incompatible boss, or unemployment are really difficult to deal with but that doesn’t really compensate with 50 cigarettes a day. Third is Insomnia. This, rather is a very common symptom. On an average, there’s always one per four person who suffer from insomnia and then you get up late. The reason can be as meagre as a weight loss problem to as bizarre as a loss in the share market. This state is usually related to a monoamine neurotransmitter called Serotonin. Low serotonin levels are treatable with proper diet, regular exercise and prescribed anti-depressants in the worst case scenario. Then there are the “closeted type”, who always have a few metres of unshielded boundary around them. In majority of the cases, a very harsh past makes them build this aura around themselves and they don’t trust people very easily or give a 100% into an emotional affair. This in turn becomes the prime reason that the friends or partners move away from them because they feel that they cannot rely completely on this person. A recent study showed that many people who are abandoned the emotional warmth from others, they tend to seek it from other sources like a prolonged hot shower on regular basis.

Apart from these several food items or medications can also make someone unknowingly depressed. The negativity needs to go away, else soon there will just be a society of cruel, selfish and clinically depressed people, called the “Dark Age” as I would like to call. So, if you or your loved ones belong to any of the above categories, try to talk to them, lest seek some professional help because depression is the worst chronic disease.