Food Guide to Creating Healthy Sleep Habits

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Food Guide to Creating Healthy Sleep HabitsIn the world, nothing can beat the happiness of getting childlike sleep. We all have certain notions and patterns to get adequate rest. But do you know good food and the right intake is equally responsible for getting the right childlike sleep!

There are enormous reasons and benefits of good night sleep, but due to some reasons, we feel sleep-deprived. Through this blog, we bring to you the right food patterns that experts suggest for a healthy lifestyle. Some of the tips are as follows:-

  • Fish: – Vitamin B6 plays a major role in our sleep patterns and this vitamin can be naturally earned through fish. It is recommended to have Solomon, halibut, and tuna. It also ingenious qualities of omega 3 which aid a lot in reduction of fats.
  • Fortified cereals: – these cereals could be a best mate if even included before going to bed. They do aid a lot in boosting vitamin B6 which is required to make melatonin (a sleep-inducing hormone activated by darkness)
  • Dairy products:– Do you remember those days when our granny or mother use to force us to have milk before sleeping? The reason is simple that the dairy products do possess lot of calcium; sometimes calcium deficiency too can cause a lack of sleep. Dairy products do also contribute a lot in keeping our bones healthy.
  • Whole grains:-   For the human body it is important to have perfect portions of nutrients. Whole grains do have the vitality of magnesium that enhances a good night’s sleep. It is recommended to intake bulgur, barley or other whole grains.
  • Bananas:- This fruit is mostly recommended by worldwide pediatricians and nutritionists for all age groups. Bananas do possess the natural goodness of potassium and vitamin B6. This could help inactive procession of melatonin in the hormone which could induce sleep. Compared to other fruits, though it is available at very cheap prices it has wholesome goodness. Consuming bananas could even help you in reducing hypertension, daily two bananas could give you good energy and can prevent you from type 2 diabetes. Bananas are high in fiber that could boost up the metabolism levels. Therefore adopt eating bananas today… for good night sleep and get a power dose of energy. Bananas are also advisable for anemic patients.

With good food intake it is also very important to maintain daily routine for all age groups. For human body it is advisable to at least have 8 hours of good and sound sleep. It is mandatory to sleep early to see good results in health. If you have a tight schedules or face problems, maintaining a journal for pending things before going to bed could relax you; this is the much faster option to relax ourselves. Remember it is important to keep all the gadgets and mobile phones away while sleeping, as the radiation coming from the phone could be bad for brain and heart. Simple meditation, before sleeping could help you relaxing in better manner. Plan ahead…. for active tomorrow!