Feng shui – For good Health overall

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Chinese are very well known for their ancient theories that are highly scientific and proven to be very effective even till date. Feng shui is one of the thoughts of the ancestral Chinese and is regarded as a system of laws that are manly considered to be governing the spatial arrangement or the orientation of materials with respect to the flow of energy, which is referred Feng shui to as Chi. It is followed particularly while designing buildings or arranging a room keeping in mind the fact that those particular arrangements channelize energy to such an extent that health, wealth and all other good things are brought in and retained in that particular place. It is an attraction science where good things are believed to be attracted by particularly oriented objects. Feng shui tips are accepted and followed not only in china but also across the world. People have experienced great improvements after associating themselves with this art. Health and well-being of a person can as well be maintained by following a few tips of Feng shui that are very easy to follow. All that it needs is a bit of time to carry out rearrangements based on the science.

Feng shui targets various good happenings but regarding health and wellness, these are the few tips that one might have to bear in mind:

  • First of all, one should set a target to bring the below average level of energy of his home or work place to a level that is much higher than before. A clean and neat environment is supposed to be the root for the flow of energy.
  • Breathing good air is one tip that is very crucial. Indoor pollution is as harmful as outdoor pollution. One can purify the air in a closed area by bringing in air purifying plants such as areca palm. These plants, along with giving the area a pleasant look, purify the air in the surrounding.
  • Vibrant colors in the vicinity influence the generation and flow of energy. Thus indoors have to be painted with such a spectrum of bright and vibrant colors that can revitalize one’s energy levels and boost up. Painting a wall with interesting floral diagrams and bright colored strokes will as well add to the advantage of painting them bright.
  • The presence of a good amount of light is very important in creating a Feng shui influenced area.
  • Use of props or Feng shui agents such as a laughing Buddha sculpture in the center of the building or even a lucky bamboo plant will be of great help.

Applying Feng shui in just one part of the building and leaving the rest to dogs is no good. It is impotent to impart the essence of Feng shui in every part of the house. Creating a spa in the bathroom, introducing Feng shui items in the bedroom as well as in the kitchen make sure that the energy flow is balanced and throughout the building. The vibration spreads across thus enhancing the good health condition of an individual.