Females Embarrassing Moment in Having Sex with Impotent

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A joke I read yesterday on the web goes; A man meets his ex-wife’s new husband and enquires-

Hey Dude, how’s the second-hand pussy?

‘Amazing’ comes the reply real fast.  ‘It’s brand new, after the first two inches’!!

Females-Embarrassing-Moment One of the most embarrassing moments for women can be to be in bed with a log of wood who is no man at all with his dick as cold as ice.   She’d wished she brought a dildo in her hand bag and have this rubber guy rub it in and out all night, what a terrible night she had to spend and wished it was morning the next moment and she jumped out of her bed and land into bed with her Ex.  What was the guy laying next to her thinking and was he actually sleeping?  Not at all, not this guy he was very much awake and pretending to sleep not in a position to look into her eyes and his sweet heart would never turn his side and secretly dreaming of her ex and the good old fucking times they had together.  What I fail to understand is if this guy is not gay then why the fuck did he hesitate to pop in a 100 mg pill of Kamagra which would have made her shower from her pussy and wet the whole bed and he will have pounded her pussy a minimum of five times that night.  Or was this poor chap unaware of his erectile dysfunction or was it that he became impotent just a few days back due to a curse of one of the fairies from the heavens.  I don’t care and I never mind whatever happened that night or the day before but if this innocent chap is sure going to lose her to one of his friends or her Ex.

Kamagra Will Never Let You Down 

kamgra-pill Well! What has happened is done and I don’t give a damn about those dames hoping from one bed to another.  If this lollypop guy took a good lesson from that night with his sweetie sleeping next to him and he couldn’t a feather out of her, I would consider him a smart fellow.  He would dash across the street to Joe’s Druggist at the corner with a small slip written on it ‘Sidenafil Citrate-100 mg – 10 Tabs’ and with all the shyness in this world push it into the cute little palm of a young blonde smiling at him from across the counter.  He only hoped that this blonde with perfect cleavage and huge bosoms didn’t have a doubt about his self written prescription then suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to prefix the self made prescription with the magic words ‘Rx’ on top left hand corner.

He didn’t find the courage to look into her eyes but the worst happened.  She called him aloud and asked which brand of ‘Viagra’ would he prefer and cunning smile cut across her lips.  This was the most embarrassing moment of this lad’s life and strongly felt like running away as fast as he could from this fucking store where they hire dumb whores like this who can’t even serve customers with silently.  ‘What the hell?’ he thinks in his mind because he didn’t know what she was up to or what is she asking.  In whispering tone he is forced to say, ‘give me anything of this and do it quickly I have to go’!  The blonde is smiling all the while and now she is about to burst and whispers into his ears “it takes an hour before you are up” and here you go its called Kamagra 100 mg.