Facts You Need To Know About Heart Disease

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In the last couple of years, heart disease is one of the most reasons because of which many men and women had to face the death. Today’s fast and busy life does not allow people to take the necessary rest, and it also increases the amount of pressure on them. As per the scientific research, heart disease is the cause because of the buildup of plaque in the arteries. That results in the blockage of oxygen as well as blood flow required by the heart muscles. It is very important to deal with the warning signs of the heart disease as soon as possible that can allow people to avoid the further problems. There are many various things that need to be ensured by the people in order to stay away and avoid the heart disease as mentioned as followed.


Get enough of sleep

The people that only sleep for less than six hours in their life have double of the risk to develop the heart disease as compared to the people that sleep average of seven to eight hours. The sleep helps the human body to control the insulin activity. If the people are sleeping for less than six hours, their body cell to more resistant to the insulin. It finally results in the high blood sugar and also other things such as excess of weight, heart disease, etc.

Things to observe for preventing heart disease

The weight of every person matters very much. Too much of weight slows down the activity of people. It finally results in the laziness and inactivity of the human body. The heavy body stops the people to move around much that cause the risk of heart disease more. Keeping the weight in control allows people to stay fit and live longer. Along with the weight of the body, the waist of the person also matters very much. It is found in the research that women with the size of waist more than 35 inches and the men with the waist more than 40 inches have more chance of having the heart disease. Losing the weight by 5 to 10 percent help people to get in shape and also improve the heart health. People can follow the 30 to 60 hours aerobic exercise at least three times a week. It will help the heart to stay stronger along with reducing the high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure. It is proven by the scientific research that the happy people with lots of laughing habit live longer. Laughter is the one and only natural medicine for the people to keep their heart healthy and away from all the disease. When people start laughing in daily basis, the human body will automatically lower down the stress hormone. The people with higher distress level are more likely to have more chances to get the heart disease more early than the people laughing around with less stress. So keep laughing in your life to lower down the stress and increase the heart disease.