Common Foot Pain Diagnosis That You Need To Care About

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Ouch! Does your foot cry in pain every time you take your first step in morning? It might be a point to worry, as you may have an ailment from various foot problems. Your foot mirrors your Foot Pain general health. It signifies good health if you do not have any pain, burning or abnormal sensation in your foot. It is sad that we hardly take out time to tender and care our feet. How many hours do you spend on pampering your skin? An hour or two? Why don’t to incorporate foot care in your daily routine? Since they bear your body weight and force while walking, running and exercising, your feet needs the love and pampering too.

If your feet hurts ever then you must look into the matter right now! The common causes for foot pain can be due to diseases, abnormal foot structure and injuries. The top most searched foot complains on the net are blisters, toe problems, sprain, strain, numbness, fracture, warts, corns, and many more. If you are a sportsperson or your workplace environment includes heavy machinery, then you are more likely to suffer from repeated trauma. Beware of that large heavy pile of goods which fills your store room. Every time you cross it, there is chance you can hurt yourself. An athlete when injures his big toe he might suffer from the condition “Turf toe”. Are you embarrassed with the ugly bony growths in your toes? Bunions produce bony bumps in your great toe misaligning its normal structure. It can be extremely painful due to pressure on the foot. Thank your high heels and ill-fitting shoes for bunions. The constant pressure on the toes increases the risk for bunions. The poor-fitting shoes can also lead to corns and calluses. These conditions are due to continuous friction on feet cause thickening and hardening of the skin. Think again before shopping for those high brand heels. Do you want to suffer from foot pain lifelong or normal pain free gait?

Are you a big fan of the movie ‘Troy’? Then you must know how Achilles dies. No one was able to beat the powerful Achilles. But how does he die? Just a trauma to his Achilles tendon, weakens him and his enemies gets chance to kill. Thus was the end of the Achilles. Stay away from getting injured to your tendon. Wear comfortable footwear and exercise regularly. If your toe is angry-looking, red and terrifying pain. It is the first sign of ‘Gout’. It is caused due to increase in uric acid, the excess of which is stored in the form of crystals in the toe joints. You must love the flip flops and the trendy flat shoes. Remember they do not support your foot arch, the normal curve shape of foot. Limit wearing the shoes that lack supportive arches. Women are more prone to develop foot problems during pregnancy, menopause or old age. There are various stages in life of a woman where the body gets rid of calcium. Diabetics are likely to get numb feeling in their foot because the high amount of sugar hinders the nerve functioning. This is known as peripheral neuropathy. No one can stay young forever. The famous osteoarthritis can also affect the foot. You might be thinking to throw of all the shoes after reading the above. That would not be wise! Walking barefoot is as harmful as walking with heels or poor-fitting shoes. Save your feet with ill-effects of heels, disease and age-related disorder. Choose proper, comfortable shoes made for your feet.