Benefits of eating apples

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“An apple a day, keeps a doctor away”- how many of us have heard of this quote? Almost all! Right? Well, despite of being so much familiar with the quote am sure there are very few who actually realize the importance of this red and juicy fruit! Apples are full of fibers known as pectin, which gives you a hell lot of health benefits! Although there are many benefits of having apple on daily basis, the most important benefits are listed as below-


  • White and healthy teeth

Apples act like a natural bleach for our teeth. No, it can’t replace the toothbrush, but chewing apple regularly produces saliva in the mouth, which lowers the bacteria content and prevents tooth decay too.


  • Protects against Alzheimer’s

As per an experiment conducted on the mice, it has been proved that eating apple or having apple juice protects your brain from the ill-effects of aging. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that an apple helps you stay fit and young.

  • Curbs the dangers of suffering from cancer

The American Association for Cancer Research has proved that flavonol enriched apples can help in reducing the danger of developing cancer of pancreas. The apple peels have triterpenoids compounds that prevent the growth of cancer cells in the pancreas.

  • Control your cholesterol level

The fibers present in the apple helps bind the fat content in the intestine that controls the cholesterol level and helps you stay healthy.

  • A healthier heart

The phenolic compound inhibited by the apples prevents the entry of cholesterol in to the artery walls. The compound reduces the content of plaque in the arteries which are responsible for artery diseases. Hence, apple can be a way to happy and healthy heart.

  • Give your immune system a boost

Red apples possess antioxidant that improve your immune system and relaxes your senses when you are stressed out and sad.

  • Weight control

Surprised? Yes apple can actually help you in controlling weight. A diet rich with fibers is a must to control your weight and as mentioned before apple is full with fibers. Not only can you control your weight with apple but you can also stay away from heath issues caused due to overweight like stroke, blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.