Attention Guys!!! Treating erectile dysfunction is very easy now… Try Sildenafil Citrate

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Treating erectile dysfunction is very easy now… Try Sildenafil CitrateTreatment for those men who are not able to get erection took a different leap when the male enhancement drug Sildenafil citrate was released into the market. It is said that this is a cheaper and most affordable form of a champion male enhancement drug Viagra.

The medicine will show its effect on the body only in just 30 minutes after you take the medicine. Yes, you just need 30 minutes to see the result of the medicine. You don’t need to undergo a long term treatment where it will take months or at least weeks to show the effect on the body. But this medicine is just a miracle in the history of medicine which will help in getting erection.

Treating such painful and difficult health issue in just 30 minutes is really a miracle. When the medicine is taken make sure that you are taking the right dose or the normal preferred dose is 100 mg. Take the medicine with a big glass of water or you can even take it with milk but do not use alcohol if you are addicted to it. Some people have a misconception that alcohol will help you in making love for a longer time but that is just a myth. Alcohol is said to be one of the top reasons for erectile dysfunction. If you are having erectile dysfunction and addicted to alcohol then better quit the habit if you are looking for better result from sildenafil citrate and a long lasting relationship with your partner.

The effect of this medicine will remain on the body for at least 4 to 6 hours and in rare cases it will remain for 8 hours as well. That means you will be able to get erection any time you want in those 6 hours but the erection does not remain for 6 hours. This medicine will help you in getting erection but will not make you a lovemaking machine.

And after the 8 hours of medicine’s effect on your body, you may want to take another pill for lovemaking but that should not be done as there should be a gap of at least 24 hours between two doses of the medicine. You should take Sildenafil citrate only once in a day. One erection can remain for a maximum of 4 hours and not more than that and another point to note when you are using male enhancement drug sildenafil citrate is the erection should be painful. It should be as normal as the natural erection.

Do report to the doctor if the erection in persisting for a longer time than 4 hours and also if the erection is painful. Stop using the medicine and do not try to give another chance to see if you are facing the same side effects. Talk to the doctor or reach the doctor for emergency medical help. You should always follow the instructions of the doctor and maintain the right dosage.