Arvada man Tests Safer Option for Ebola

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Arvada man Tests Safer Option for EbolaA recent traveler to West Africa who was being vigorouslytested for Ebola symptoms at the Health Medical Centrein Denver tested negative for the virus, state health officials said. The state commented that the man was tested due to a lot of safety regulations. The man, from the Arvada area, had a second rate fever Sunday night and continued to have on Monday, officials said. Denver Health issued a release on Monday morning saying he would be tested. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment later said hospital, federal and local general health officials determined the patient was all okay and did not warrant testing for the deadly virus.

On the other hand, no other diagnosis has been made in the case, and physicians and officials from the hospital, CDPHE, CDC, Denver and Jefferson County health agency officials conferred again. They chose to test a specimen overnight despite the fact that the patient’s condition has not deteriorated, as stated in a release from CDPHE.

The man will be hospitalized for any extra tests and further observations will be carried out. He is being treated in a completely isolated unit. The man will be tested again until it gets clear that his symptoms are not related to Ebola.

About Ebola

Let us now take a look at some facts about Ebola.

  • One of the most spreader viruses on the planet, the outbreak of 2014 since 25 Mar 2014 until 13 Aug 2014, around 2127 people were infected with the Ebola virus which comes to an average of 15 persons a day consistently.Besides, most of the cases are not known, causing a dent in the factual figures of infected people.
  • Ebola is one of the deadliest viruses on the planet. In this vicinity, a person who was infected will pass on appallingly from the stages of virus that gives a half mortality rate. For example Aids: approximately 35.3 million people have HIV overall consistently 2.3 million people infected and 1.6 million deaths, that comes to a mortality rate of 4.5%.
  • The means of transmission of Ebola virus is yet not detected, in fact, it’s not by any means clear how people are getting infected but there are some strong assumptions.
  • Yet there is no vaccine for Ebola virus, Few days ago there was a USA declaration regarding a vaccine development, the estimate wasto be released in 2015.With an infection rate of 15 people every day while there is an exponential development which means more people will be infected in average from consistently
  • There is no cure for Ebola virus. At the moment hundreds of rashers working on a cure for the Ebola virus in fact, some of them were working on the cure for many years already, yet there is no existence of Ebola virus specific treatment, or any other sort of treatment that show the impactof the deadly virus.

Keeping these data in mind, testing the man was vital. Hence the state performed the tests, and he will soon be released from the Medical Centre after a few more days.