Android Health Apps Useful to Your Fitness

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Android Health Apps Useful to Your Fitness 1Your Android gadgets are simply a bunch of happiness and joy. The smart application and charismatic technology do give the user a mind bobbling results. Well, the invention of various apps is a boon. This year we bring you some of the best android apps that are useful for fitness, some of them are as follows:-

Cody:- This application is not pocket pinching at all, the best part it is available free of cost. But very compatible in meeting up the requirements of the users, moreover you could even share the photos and videos to other friends. The user friends are equally given the privilege to post their comments or likes. You could even follow this with your new and old friends. The app is compatible with IOS users too.

Fitstar: – This application is designed to give every user a satisfying challenge. The technology is suited as per the fitness needs, by using this application you might feel like a personal trainer. It aids a lot in terms of keeping you in the loop for the progress levels.

Gain fitness: – Are you a person looking for one-stop destination for all fitness exercises? In all there are more than 1800 exercises in one application. The best part of this application is the voice commands and HD motion images. It preset routines that boost your confidence while exercising. Moreover, the cool graphics here ensure to give you complete entertainment.

Nike Training Club:- This application is completely functional with variety of workout programs. The best part of the application also has the audio training programs for the workout. These above do acts above the basic training modalities and simply designed with perfection by application developers. 15 and 30 minutes of workout programs are also available on this app. The visual and video demo does keep up the interest of the user and efficiently boost the confidence of the user.

Reps & Sets: – The best part of this application is you could even pre-program your favorite workout regimes. This app is reliable and simply one fitness destination that you were always looking for. The illustrated guides simply help a lot in keeping a track of your fitness programs.

Argus: – This app is cool enough and does almost tracks everything. The best part it is completely functional 24*7. There is no cost involved in using this app; it is basically available for IOS phones.

Map my fitness: – This fitness app is available and compatible with every phone. It perfectly note the duration of the workout. The prime advantage of installing the application is a comprehensive workout.

The Walk: – This app is smart and does calculate every move, it even counts every step taken.

This application could be our best mates in carrying forward the fitness programs. Through this application, we could simply track changes and workout as per the progress. This app does give us the freedom of 15, 30 0r 45 minutes workout. Download today….. To stay best in shape!