Privacy Policy


Pharmacygloberx is on familiar terms with the right to privacy and confidentiality of every person who stops over our website, and has methods prepared to keep up this right. This Privacy Declaration draws the information that we will assemble from your part if you make use of our website, and in what ways your details will be bought into action. In addition it offers you information regarding the safety measures taken by us to protect your identity.


When you visit the we will not ask for any personal information like your name, e-mail, billing address, contact number etc if not given willingly by you.


We employ your private information to be in touch with you, improve your trip to our website, allocate easy dealing of your medicine orders and successfully make available the commodities and services you have asked for.

We may perhaps utilize your personal details to put forward extra products and services advertised by We will not hand over your particulars to an external party for its exercise in advertising or solicitation without your permission.

We only draw on your personal details for the reasons that we have revealed to you. If for whichever motive your particulars are needed to accomplish another intention, we will inform you and ask over for your approval before we continue.

There are a number of circumstances wherein we are lawfully allowed to unveil personal information for example employing rational and authorized processes to gather an aberrant report, a medical crisis or doubt of activities against the law.

When you stopover our website, information is not assembled that could recognize you in person except you decide to grant it of your own free will. You can to look through our website at any moment in time in secret and confidentially without disclosing any personal detail concerning you.


When you consign an order on our website your Personally-Identifiable Information is stocked up using SSL tools before sending to on internet, building it practically unfeasible for your payment particulars to be seized or hacked during the transaction to Your credit card figures are at all times amassed in encrypted structure in a protected database. We promise to take up all the necessary safety measures in order to keep your particulars safe from illegal admittance or exercise and amendment.


You can renew your personal details in our database by simply logging in. If you wish to delete your particulars from our system, you can make contact with us through e-mail or telephone. We will then remove your details form our database using practical methods. We assure to keep every bit of information you have shared with us, extremely safe and sound.