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Product Details

Generic Name : Sildenafil citrate Average Delivery : 15 Working days
Strength(s) : 100 mg Expire Date : 24 Months from the date of Mfg
Brand Name : Viagra Shipping (World Wide) : Free Shipping above $200



Like men, women too sometimes face the problem of reduced libido and lack of desire during sexual intercourse. Sexual dysfunction can be a huge threat as it can destroy their love life completely and create misunderstanding with the partner. The situation, if neglected, can impact largely on their physical as well as mental health. Ladygra comes as an easy solution to treat the sexual dysfunction among women. It is a libido-stimulating medicine meant particularly for women who lack the desire while love making. It is a generic form of Viagra, especially made to make women enjoy the sexual intercourse and reach the climax with utmost satisfaction. As per the customer reviews, most women have found it to be the most effective and promising product to treat the problem of sexual dysfunction.



Ladygra is a generic drug that contains 90% of sildenafil citrate, a component that stimulates the blood flow in the pelvic region. In other forms of Viagra and male ejaculatory pills, the same mechanism is applied to increase blood flow and motivate the nerves around the reproductive organs. Once the pill is taken orally, it takes around 20 minutes to get ingested. Once it is ingested, the component gets dissolved in the blood and flows towards the pelvic area. Hence, the nerves in that area get stimulated to touch and other incentives. The use of the pill helps to boost up the levels of desire among women and to stay sexually active for a longer period.



  • This over the counter drug is available most commonly in 100 mg dosage to be used for treatment of sexual dysfunction in women.
  • It’s prescribed to take one pill orally with a glass full of water 30 to 45 minutes prior to lovemaking.
  • The impact of the drug stays for 4 to 6 hours after consuming, varying from person to person. Other forms of the drug are also available for ladies having difficulties with swallowing or chewing.
  • The other alternatives are Ladygra oral jelly and soft tabs. So, you can choose the best alternative that suits your requirements.
  • The drug is available in packs with different number of pills inside. The drugs can be ordered and purchased online at discounted rates and can get delivered at your doorstep without any hassles. So, if you want to avoid the embarrassment to buy the pills from your local pharmacy in person, online stores are the best option to choose.



As the effects of Ladygra vary from person to person, it can’t be made sure that the same dosage will prove to be effective for everyone. How the drug will work that depends entirely upon the reactions on the body of a particular woman.

While taking this drug, consumption of alcohol, fatty or spicy food, and smoking cigarette should be avoided to get the desired impact of the pill.

Ladies taking other prescription drugs and supplements should check out with their doctors to avoid any negative reaction or adverse effects.

Also, older ladies are prone to have more side effects than younger ones. So, a thorough health checkup and discussion with your physician is suggested in order to remain safe and avoid the side effects.


Side effects:

  • The effect of the drug depends totally on how much the body tolerates the Ladygra medicine.
  • Most women do not show any side effects after consuming the drug. But in rare cases, symptoms like, dizziness, nasal congestion, frustration, diarrhea, facial breakouts might show up.
  • Though the reactions are not that severe or life-threatening, if any one of the side effects arise and the situation gets worse with each dose, immediate medical intervention is recommended.



Before starting to use the pill, the ladies should get themselves checked with the medical practitioner to have the most impact while avoiding the possibilities of side effects at the same time. Any other health supplement, especially nitrates doesn’t go well with Ladygra. So, they should list out all the other medications they are taking to ensure there are no adverse reactions from the pill. Also, fatty acids and consumption of alcohol and smoking might pose a threat while taking this medicine. So, these things should be kept in mind before you opt for this medication. Elderly women who want to use this drug should be more cautious and should strictly adhere to the instructions given by the physician.

The written instructions on the label of the pills should be read carefully before consuming to get the most desired results. The pills should be stored in a safe place, out of reach from children and pets. The pills that are outdated or are not needed any more should be discarded at the earliest, to avoid misuse. Also, any other instruction given by the doctor for your personal benefit should be strictly followed.