Ways to deal with High Blood pressure problem

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With the advent of new technologies and gadgets there also has been addition of stress and tension in our life. Peer pressure, competition and the rat race has made our body subject to various ailments and disorders. High Blood pressure is one such medical problem which is quite a common phenomenon nowadays. High blood pressure is a result of tension or pressure in the arteries that carry blood through heart to various other parts of the body. When this pressure increases it can prove to be fatal too as it results into heart attack, cardiac arrest and stroke problems as well. About 1 in every 3 adults in America suffers from high blood pressure problem. In some cases it is hereditary whereas in other cases it is due to stress, tension and hectic schedule. Blood pressure The fact that even younger generation is falling prey to this ailment is a matter of concern and the problem increases with a increase in age. Hence, it is quite important that we take proper care against high blood pressure problem.

Following are some of the ways to deal with high blood pressure problems-

  1. Yoga-Yoga is an age old answer to various medical disorders which has been re-discovered today. The world is now better versed with the benefits of yoga practices. Practicing yoga on daily basis can lower down the pressure on arteries and bring down the blood pressure level. However it is important that you practice yoga on disciplined basis. Practicing yoga early morning has proved to increase longevity also.
  2. Eating habits-Junk food and irregular eating habits increase the risk of high cholesterol level in your body which leads to high blood pressure. The cholesterol level depends upon the oil and salt content in the food. Hence, it is important that you develop healthy eating habits. Ensure that you have small but regular meals, use olive oil and cut down on the proportion of junk food. Food like fresh vegetable, fruits and green tea helps you built a strong immunity system against high blood pressure and other health ailments.
  3. Reducing the fat-It is quite a common observation that people with heavy body weight and obese are more prone to high blood pressure problem. Hence, it is necessary that you keep a tab on your weight. Even basic exercise like walking, jogging and skipping can help you shed the extra kilos. A decrease in body weight is bound to bring down the blood pressure level too.
  4. Positive outlook-As mentioned before increased stress and tension is one of the prime reasons for high blood pressure problem. A positive outlook and happy go lucky attitude in life would help you cope up with the stress and tension in life. You can try on various laughter therapy sessions or read motivational books to keep the positivity alive within you.

Although high blood pressure problem is one of the serious health ailments, one can control it with strong will and disciplined attitude. As mentioned above exercise, regular and healthy habits would bring down the  level of blood pressure.

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