Walking , a good routine activity for Fitness

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There’s no activity more natural than walking. The human body is actually designed for it, from the intricate structure of your feet to the muscles and ligaments supporting your legs to the curvature of your spine, everything is structured perfectly to help you walk. In fact, not many know this but the human body isn’t actually designed to sit for long periods of time. Many people prefer to actually stand or lay down rather than sit.
The reason for this is simple. When you sit, the spine wants to curve outward and there’s a pressure on your pelvis that doesn’t need to be there. So sitting at your desk for hours on end? The human body isn’t really designed for that. Walking? The human body is expert at it. Walking is the one exercise that is not only easy to do, free of cost but it can also be tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses. Simply put, it is something everyone can do. Moreover, it is the one activity you’re least likely to drop out of.

According to experts, thirty minutes of brisk walking along with moderate physical activity has a lot of health benefits. It can reduce the risk of heart diseases; help prevent problems like high blood-pressure and diabetes and it might prevent asthma and even some cancers. It is a cardio exercise and it gets your heart working faster, resupplying your blood with fresh oxygen and circulating it throughout your body. As a result, you feel better, fresher and more energetic after you’ve had a bit of a brisk walk. Regular walking also keeps your immune system up and running, healthy and ready to combat any problems. Walking is also a great way to maintain weight and prevent obesity. Of course, if your need to lose weight, you need to walk further and faster, looking to burn 600 calories over what you eat. Add hills and trekking to your routine and you’ll start seeing some effects on your weight. You burn about 150 calories at the speed of 6.5 km/hour if you walk for just thirty minutes. If you’ve been an idle and lethargic person to date, walking is the best way to get started. Slowly, you’ll start to develop a taste for exercise. You might feel lazy stepping a foot outside the house or work, but once you do, once you’re in the middle of it, surprisingly large amount of people come to enjoy it.

There are many physical benefits of walking but there are several mental ones to. Any sort of brisk exercise causes the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that dull pain but they also give you a rush of energy and vitality. It’s like being on an opiate drug, without all the nasty side-effects. A good, fast walk is actually a great mood elevator. If you’re angry or frustrated, a swift turn around the park would set you right. Some experts even say that it can prevent serious mental diseases like dementia. All in all, there’s no reason not to indulge in walking daily, in fact, everyone should.