The Gym Routine to follow Strictly

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Staying fit and healthy is of primary importance if you wish to lead a lifestyle that is relaxed and fun. However, being fit and healthy does not simply involve eating right. You need to make sure that you have a fixed exercise regime that you follow diligently. Exercising and working that sweat is the best way that can ensure your body fitness. All you need to do is zero in on a set of exercises that will help you to exercise every body part and strengthen the muscles. Your aim during your workout session should be to get all your muscles working so that you may build your strength. GymFurther, you need to get your heart rate high so as to ensure that you are burning the required number of calories. The basic rule of exercising with the purpose of losing excess weight is that the number of calories that you intake throughout the day should be less than the calories you use.

There are a number of gym routines that you can follow. You may even create your own routine as per your exercise requirements. You should always start your routine with some warm up stretches. These are necessary as your body needs to warm up to the rigorous exercise you are going to subject it to. It helps avoids muscles from cramping. Similarly, your routine should be followed up by some warm down exercises to help relax your muscles and prevent fatigue. Once you are done with the warm up set, try working up your muscles with some freehand exercises before moving on to the strenuous exercises. The old-school exercise that we are all familiar with is the classic push-up routine. Push-ups are really effective as they help work on your core muscles as well as your chest and triceps. It involves lifting up almost 60% of your total body weight. There are variations to this exercise that you can try out and practice the one that best suits you. Squatting is another exercise that is essential for your routine. It works up your lower body muscles, strengthening your hamstrings, hip muscles as well as your glutes. It strengthens and tomes the lower body effectively.

Next we have the lunges. Well, this exercise is a rigorous one as it works on the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings simultaneously. Once you are at ease with doing lunges, you can go on to add some weights to the routine to create an even more compact exercise. You can also include a few sets of burpees in your routine. A burpee combines push-ups and squats. It is an effective technique that gives you a full body movement workout. For a more intense workout session, you can add weights to all these exercises, helping develop your strength. The key fact to be kept in mind is that you regulate your breathing correctly. Correct breathing pattern is what helps you get the right kind of exercise and prevents you from tiring out during your routine. Have rest days between your workout sessions, doing three to four days a week as your body needs to recuperate from the rigorous activity. Eat healthy and exercise regularly to see the results of your hard work!

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