Silent Assassin: Stress !

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Stress, is a word that is often being heard everywhere these days. It has been the hot talk of the town as most of the people ranging from youngsters to old people are affected easily by this single whole time culprit, stress. Stress can arise due to various reasons. It could be physical stress or even mental stress that ultimately leads to the major assassin, which makes a silent attack on the whole of the mental health of an individual. Stress does not arise by itself , but is generally a result of the various engagements that a person tends to get into. Major commitments made in view of making money, if left unfulfilled, start bothering people in various ways. StressThese could be the initial stages of the attack of stress. Further enhancement in thinking processes, restlessness as well as lack of sleep due to thoughts coming in and going out continuously and such other issues help stress grow over a period of time. Students, officials and other people as well are affected by stress at one or the other point of time in their lifetime. Students are subjected to academic burden in this competitive world. Whether a person is capable of handling the work or not, youngsters are imposed on heavy work at their work places. Elder people are prone to multiple thoughts regarding their kids and grand kids and so on.

Treatment for stress can be given in various ways. But the foremost thing that one has to bear in mind is that stress can be avoided right at the beginning stage by simply not worrying too much about any particular thing. Stress at work place can be very hazardous to people and hence it is suggested that one chooses a work that keeps him happy at the end of the day. Money should not be the criterion , but health. There are various remedial measures to get rid of stress of all kinds. The ancient method of dealing with these issues is the Yoga and it remains the best all the time. Practicing yoga and meditation along with a couple of breathing exercises every day keeps a person healthy, wealthy and wise. Listening to melodious songs for a while, spending quality time with family members and going for an early morning walk are activities that are meant to rejuvenate one’s mental health. Staying away from stress is no more an issue with the advent of various yogic exercises that are made particularly for treating stress and other related disorders.

Getting rid of stress may not be a cake walk , but maintaining regularity in keeping up exercises and leading a life full of energy and enthusiasm will keep away even the slightest symptoms of stress. Spirituality is so far the best known solution for dealing with stress. Otherwise, some of the food items are also capable of clearing out the stress and pressure from one’s mind. Getting positive thoughts that soothe one’s mind is also the bottleneck in treating stress. Taking things to heart is no good and is of no use at all times.

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