Knee Pain – effective ways of treatment

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Knee pain is the worst thing in the world as it curbs your freedom of movement. Not being able to sit, get up, walk is a tremendous sort of punishment for a person. From ayurvedic medicines to homeopathy, allopathic, surgeries, yoga, there are various ways that claim to reduce knee pain. Knee pain can arise from various sources and each cause has its own way of treatment. Knee Pain There may be pain arising from a sprain or muscle injury in the knee. This is common for sports persons and those involved in strenuous physical activity. Arthritis is a major cause for many people in the world. Bone damage and low bone density due to lack of calcium in women is another important factor causing knee pain. Maintaining good food habits is very necessary for a good and painless living. The more you weigh, the more is the pressure on the knees. Calcium is one such mineral that must be included in your daily diet. Vitamin C, D and E are also very necessary to have good bones and prevent knee and joint pain.

Mild or moderate knee pain can be cured at home by some useful tips. In case you have suffered a knee injury due to sprain while being involved in heavy physical activity, be at complete rest and apply an ice bag on the area. You can also try to lightly massage any pain relieving ointment or gel. If the cause of the pain is more serious like in osteoarthritis, there is little to be done except being on medications. Since the pain is caused by inflammation due to drying up of lubricant in joints with age, patients of osteoarthritis are given non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Analgesics are often prescribed to patients to relieve them of the pain. To control the inflammation, medicines like corticosteroids are also given as they are similar to the naturally forming cortisone in the body and can control the inflammation that is giving pain. Knee pain can also be a result of gout and high levels of uric acid in the blood. Gout medications can be taken to reduce uric acid content in the blood and also to prevent pain.

At times when medicines are of no use other methods of treatment is needed to relieve knee pain. Hyaluronic acid supplements are injected to the knee joint to act as a lubricant and absorb all shocks that may cause inflammation. The injection needs to be taken every week for three or five weeks to supplement the decayed hyaluronic acid that naturally occurs in the body. Some people may also be given corticosteroid injections in the knee joints to quickly relieve the pain. If the pain is caused due to damage in one part of the knee, a surgery called osteotomy can be done to give the injured knee a better re positioning so that there is no excess pressure on the injured part. Otherwise, another minimal knee surgery called anthroscopy can be done to remove or repair ligament, cartilage and inflammation of joints. Another very common method suggested to people suffering extremely from incurable knee problems is to undergo total knee replacement where the knee joint is completely removed and replaced with similar metal or ceramic components.

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