Changing Sexual Partner

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Changing Sexual PartnerWe used to do this a lot on weekends when I was in college a group of friends met on weekends for a sexual round up at one of the remote spots most probably at some hill station or a jungle where it was safe for us to camp for two days.  All of us were sport when it came to lovemaking with our lovers and girlfriends and it was a coincidence that this group of mine loved to experiment on new ways and positions.  My girlfriend suggested a new way of choosing partners in that we tossed our car keys in a closed basket and each dame had to pick one key in random and whoever that car belonged to was her partner for the night.  My girlfriend got Mike last Sunday night in a hill resort which was chill and cozy climate the right kind of climate for the perfect sexual mood. Mike was sort of a timid guy if you described him in comparison to the others in the group I smiled at the very thought of my girl Ema with this skinny looking guy had pity for her. Mike smiled at me and enquired about my girl Ema, ‘how’s she down there buddy and have you tasted her chocolate yet?’  I don’t think I understood exactly what he meant but told him that she was the hottest dame in college as I had slept with more than five and I found this one the best of all.

Churning Sex Partner is the Best of Sexual Experiences

Mike winked at me and told, ‘I will make her hotter tonight, and she’s going to leave you for me’.  I smiled and bet his tone for while preparing for my luckiest evening with Claret and was imagining a wild night.  At dinner I and Ema exchanged smiles and a handclasp secretly smiling at each other and wishing good luck.

The next morning after the experimental as agreed upon it was time for the open forum which started with Mike having it with my gal Ema.  He confessed to have popped-in a pill of Kamagra 100mg an hour before dinner so that he could give his best to his partner tonight and that’s why he assured me that she would leave me for him.  I was surprised at this, when he was the least impotent or for the matter all of us were in our early twenties and the concept of impotence and erectile dysfunction doesn’t arise at all.

With Kamagra you can Satisfy the Wildest Dames

kamgra-pillMike continued that he once encountered ED with his Ex and learned the lesson to never fall into it anytime in future especially with a one night stand.  Kamagra is an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction with very little side effects and easily available with all druggists an online drug stores.  The dosage too is very convenient single dose of 100 mg per which works for more than six hours after taking one tab.  Since it is a prescription drug you should consult your physician before deciding upon it as it interacts with other medication such as Nitrates which is administered on heart patients and also with alpha blockers which treats hypertensive cases.