Celiac- an intestinal disorder!!

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Stomach troubles are a part and parcel of everyday life. No one among us is immune to the occasional stomach problems and popping the some pills or so generally relieves us of the stomach troubles. But sometimes there are some grave problems that ail us and one such disease is the celiac intestine disorder. It may come across at the beginning as a normal stomach problem but improper care and treatment may lead to more grave problems in the coming future. Celiac intestinal disorCeliacder occurs chiefly from gluten. Most of the foods that we take like the grain containing food are filled with gluten. The glutens proceed to line the intestinal lining and our bodies form antibodies which attack the intestine in order to get rid of the gluten. What happens in this process is that the villi or the hair like structures lining the intestine are destroyed by the antibodies which further complicate the matters. The villi are responsible for the absorption of nutrients from the food and as the result of its destruction, the body is malnourished. On top of that the intestine may suffer inflammation which will lead to graver stomach problems.

Celiac causes many health problems. But the first step that has to be taken in the process of curing the stomach disease is to get the problem identified. If you are experiencing gray stools or symptoms like malnutrition and stomach pain for a long time then you should consult your doctor. A doctor usually does a stool examination in order to check the symptoms of celiac disorder. In the event of the disorder one’s stool would contain lots of fats which the body has been unable to process. Other than that he may also perform an endoscopy, where he will put a microscope through your oesophagus canal into your canal in order to diagnose the problem. He may also collect sample to conduct microscopic examination. Once the results are positive the n the doctor will give you medications in order to take away the worse symptoms of the intestinal disorder. Some other symptoms which accompany this intestinal disorder are a skin rash, difficulties in carrying a child, miscarriage, or menstrual problems.

Just taking the medications would not solve the problem of celiac. The basic thing that has to be done is a strict lifestyle change which most importantly includes a dietary change. Most of the staple food like bread, wheat, barley and pasta contains gluten. Other than that most of the processed foods also contain gluten. You have to avoid gluten completely in order to better your condition and stop the return of the disease. You have many variants of bread and pasta available which are made from soya or other such natural products which does not contain gluten. Other than that you can also have fresh fruits and vegetables which are devoid of gluten. In order to know about which food you can or cannot have, it is better to take the help of a nutritionist in order to have a diet plan. If you buy processed foods, then check the ingredient list of the product in order to know whether it contains gluten or not.