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Walking , a good routine activity for Fitness

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There’s no activity more natural than walking. The human body is actually designed for it, from the intricate structure of your feet to the muscles and ligaments supporting your legs to the curvature of your spine, everything is structured perfectly to help you walk. In fact, not many know this but the human body isn’t actually designed to sit for long periods of time. Many people prefer to actually stand or lay down rather than sit. The reason for this is simple. When you sit, the spine wants to curve Read More…

Tips to stay health and Fit in summer

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It’s summer time again. The prickling heat of the harsh sun can be eerie for many people. In cold countries, summer time is a blissful season while near the tropics it is ruthless time of the year. The temperatures can soar up to 50 degrees in many places during the summer season. With increase in the temperature, our body can fall prey to such seasonal transitions. But there follow these few tips given below to stay healthy & fit during warmest period of the year. Increase the consumption of water Read More…

Muscular Dystrophy – A muscle loss disease

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Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy occurs due to weakening of human’s musculoskeletal system. It is a type of muscle loss diseases that sojourns kinesis of the muscles. Simply called as MD, they are distinguished as deficiencies in proteins & death of cells. The early reports suggest about young lads who evolved weaker with the age, who lost capability of walking and finally were subjected to death. There are many reports around MD disease but none of them provide conclusive evidence that is being looked for. The disease is a multi-dimensional one & has Read More…

Rising menace of Heart stroke

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Heart Stroke

Maximum deaths across the World occur due to heart diseases; 30 % deaths in India are caused due to heart stroke . Eating out too often and still think that you are healthy, beware as your heart may betray you soon! Time and again it is said that a health mind is a sign of a healthy body but now is the time to say that a healthy heart is a key to your long life. Switch to a bowl of salad from a high calorie burger or a large pack Read More…

Methods to Tackle Hip Strain

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Hip Strain

Be it every day chores or sporting activities, anything can cause a hip strain resulting in a lot of discomfort. A hip strain usually occurs when the muscles attached to the hip joint are injured, strained or torn out completely. The hip joint is a form of ball and socket joint that undergoes wear and tear even while performing routine activities. The hip strain can be experienced in three different degrees, depending on the amount of damage caused to the supporting muscles. Symptoms Look out for the following symptoms when Read More…