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Silent Assassin: Stress !

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Stress, is a word that is often being heard everywhere these days. It has been the hot talk of the town as most of the people ranging from youngsters to old people are affected easily by this single whole time culprit, stress. Stress can arise due to various reasons. It could be physical stress or even mental stress that ultimately leads to the major assassin, which makes a silent attack on the whole of the mental health of an individual. Stress does not arise by itself , but is generally Read More…

Tackle through your Snoring problems

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Snoring problems

Snoring is a common phenomenon that occurs in humans during sleep. It is mainly due to the obstruction of air flow into the respiratory canal. A grunting sound is generated as a result of vibrations in the respiratory organs. It could be noisy and thereby annoying to the people around. There are multiple reasons for snoring to occur in individuals. Issues pertaining to the thyroid gland may also be responsible for snoring. Obstructive sleep apnea is also an issue that begins with the symptoms of snoring. While these are some Read More…

Why eating carrot is really good for your health

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eating carrots

We all know that carrot is one of the healthiest foods to have. Most of us are also well acquainted with the general benefits of eating carrot like it helps in improving and preserving your eyesight. However, what most of us don’t know is the fact that carrots are much healthier than we think. They aren’t simply an addition to soups or salads. In fact they are good for your skin, teeth, eyes and overall health too. Some of the important benefits and reasons why you should include carrot in Read More…

Best belly reducing exercises

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Belly reduction

Getting a flat tummy or burning the abdominal fat is one heck of a task. In fact, most of the girls get nightmares thinking about how they fit into their little black dress without showing the plunge.  Also gone are the days when mirror were only a girls friends! Nowadays even guys love grooming themselves and looking fit. Hence, burning those extra fats is on top priority for the darker as well as fairer sex as well. A healthy diet and lifestyle plays an important role in building up fit Read More…

Benefits of eating apples

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“An apple a day, keeps a doctor away”- how many of us have heard of this quote? Almost all! Right? Well, despite of being so much familiar with the quote am sure there are very few who actually realize the importance of this red and juicy fruit! Apples are full of fibers known as pectin, which gives you a hell lot of health benefits! Although there are many benefits of having apple on daily basis, the most important benefits are listed as below- White and healthy teeth Apples act like Read More…