Adopt Healthy Eating Habits in 2015 Year

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Are you tired of buying expensive health supplements and looking for hassle-free solutions to stay fit and healthy? Food is important for refueling energy and effectively does the work of supplying vital nutrients to the body. We all make a resolution before stepping in New Year, isn’t it? Many of the resolutions are widely connected to fitness and health. For proper functioning of body health is equally important.

Adopt Healthy Eating Habits in 2015 YearIt is simply not practical to stay deprived of the food, but it is important to eat healthy foods. Through this blog, we bring to you some of the strategies and easily available ingredients:-

  • Lemon and mint Water:- The concept of consuming water in the morning dates back from the ancient ages. These days many nutritionists suggest to many people, the prime reason to have this drink in the morning is that revved up our system and flush out all the toxins from the body. For best results soak lemon pieces, mint and water overnight and then consume them early in the morning.
  • Dark chocolate:- Yeh! The taste of it may little bitter, but it plays a pivotal in order to distress our body. It is important to have it occasionally. This even helps you to cut down your sweet cravings. Caffeine and theobromine could control stress hormone cortisol that leads to fat deposition.
  • Skimmed or low fat milk:- Low fat or skimmed milk can be easily available in every store. The intake of low-fat milk is important because it contains leucine that can aid a lot in fat loss.
  • Green tea:- The natural substance present in the tea is catechin and flavonoids could fight inflammation and belly fat. It is recommended to have them with cold or chilled water.
  • Fruits and vegetable with fiber:-   Do you wonder why mom’s kitchen has well stocked with lot many fruits and vegetables? The secret is many of the fresh fruits and vegetables have vitamin C. They widely contain L- carnitine that promotes use of fat for the energy. If available you could even add Chinese cabbage to make your salad. For good and spicy taste, use Garlic that completely flushes out the body fat. Look out for more green and leafy vegetable that have vigor of providing A, C and K. Opt for fruits which like berries, apples, mango and oranges.
  • Grains:- The newer generation mommies are the smart cooks. With the scrumptious taste, they even add lot of nutrition to every meal. The secret ingredients are oats, quinoa, millets and brown rice.
  • Oily fish:- want to treat your taste buds with wholesome goodness?   Oily fish contains Omega 3s and even helps in reduction of stored fat.

Let this year resolution work best for you and instate a healthy living pattern. Our body needs very little food, eat small portions of meal. With good food it is also important to stay fit and eat right. Act today…to lead a healthy tomorrow!

It is not vital to starve, it is important to eat right.